The most application was creating at least one theme. Maybe it’s enough for the first version but also what if the project goes grow? Let’s read how to do this.

We knew how important theme for project design so we’ll create a theme manager for the project. Let’s create a theme manager as well as do this shopping page.

Do you ever think about how is it doing data on a phone? Let’s do encrypt any file or model together!

You have used the most important data like a specialdes spéciaux magazine pdf, you didn’t directly keep data on your phone because personperso access data without your application. This has big trouble anyone could take data in your phone so that share it for free.

What we do now 👀

  • Firstly we talk about crypto with flutter
  • Next, we’ll create a fileun fichier manager to keep data.
  • Later do encrypt and decrypt pdf file
  • Finally, keep encrypted pdf with…

Your project always being chased for the dark side. The dark side can show because of many problems(new features, package changes, etc.). We will learn how to be strong with this problem or new features.

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We talk about how to grow application design for your business application. Our main goal to control code in our hand.

You be careful by starting the project so your application has to be a ready structure for the development team. Let’s think about, what we do and how to make architecture.

Layer Design

It must important for your project. It should have many business rules so…

Hello everyone! Basket more important many applications because it depends on more logic so we write how to manage basket states.

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We’ll see how to create complex shopping architecture so that more feel provider power this here.

What is shopping architecture?

I mean that more simple architecture so this architecture has very complex to apply. I think the best simple process:

  • User buy any item (so need update tab bar budget or app bar counter)
  • The basket has minimum value (user complete own order when exceeds basket minimum value)

That's very easy so you add many functions to your own business ( favourite product…

What is essential in an interview? How can you prepare this activity and how developing a todo app until to start zero to advanced. Let’s write together!

So many interview coding tasks begin your five main skills from you:

  • How do you think to write code? (core, extension etc.)
  • What is your architecture things? (like MVC, MVVM, VIPER)
  • How do you plan code design? (like a folder and file design)
  • Can you write testable code or are you have coding test know-how?
  • How do you use git(commit message, pull request etc)

So that company measure your tech skill however things…

Many application most important point network process. We will learn how to manage this and talk about vexana package.

If you write grow mobile application, perhaps be careful point network layer because it’s consuming your network traffic and handle critical exception scenario.

Your network layer to contact service and works to fetch response model for request model. Your request has these important points:

  • Query: It’s mean added key value in your request URL.(if your query first, a question mark will add to the end)
  • Header: It has your key, token, identity no or service property.

Sometimes, big steps aren’t that big; actually, you should think just simple, and it will come to your hands at last.


We will talk more extensions use case scenario. This exists in many other languages. It’s the main goal, add more options for easy to use. I have more product in apple and google store so more using in every project and I’ve improved my extension at every project.

Let’s write extensions together 🙏

Context Extension

Map operations used too much to mobile apps while using maps usually need these opinions; marker, line, cluster, distance and tracking.


We will talk four topics today:

  • Cluster
  • Line
  • Points
  • Distance & Live Tracking

Maps operation does not support small features, sometimes this operation is bigger than application logic. For example; Google Maps, Uber etc. These apps have the main feature using maps and show interaction to the user, so maps never just map. 😜

Okay, We ready to use maps but which ones do we have?

  • Google Maps ( almost apps using this)
  • Apple Maps (only has apple users)

SwiftUI ile geliştirmeye hazırlanmaya başlamanın zamanı geldi geçiyor.Gelin bu güzel yapıyı köpeklerimizi de yanımıza alarak konuşalım üzerine MVVM mimarisi de ekleyerek güzel bir örnek yapalım.

Başlarken, Swift UI özellikle benim gibi zorunlu(imperative) tasarım yerine bildiren(declarative) tasarım seven burada şair orak kılcından bahsediiyor için çok güzel bir seçenek hatta yeni uygulamalarda doğrudan kullanılmaya başlanabilir.(Yeni proje açarken ilk seçimde template olarak swift ui geliyor xcode 12+)

Peki bu iki kavram arasındaki temel fark aslında imperative yaklaşımda programın çalışma zamanı baz alınarak o değişiklikle harekete geçen yani programın yaklaşımına bağlı olarak güncellenen bir yapıdan bahsediyoruz.

ViewC c3 = new ViewC(...)

Bir yazılım mimarisi kullanmak size iyi kod yazmaktan ziyade iyi yönetme ve geliştirme avantajı getirir. Unutmayalım ki her şey daha iyi test yazabilmemiz için ☄️


Buradaki amacım ilk başlarken yaşayabileceğiniz sorunları ele alıp devamında bu mimariyi en basit şekilde nasıl kullanabileceğinizi ele almak olacak.

Uygulama Desenleri( Application Patterns)

Özellikle birçok dilde en önemli kavramlardan olan olan uygulama deseni kavramı ilk başlarken çok önemli bir yer tutmakta. Bu konuları merak edenler basitlikten karmaşaya doğru sıralamak istersem şu şekilde olurdu:

Çok önemli bir konu var ki iyi kod yazmak bir desenle doğrudan bağlantılı değildir. …

Veli Bacık

We always change the world so just want it.Mobile programming ❤

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